Brands & Products

Brands & Products

This Asian company provides us with motorcycles and motor vehicles (generators, agricultural equipment, etc.) and have long proven themselves internationally to the point of having their shares listed on the stock exchange.

Zoodo is a natural mineral water collected directly from the heart of the fresh fountains of Africa. Refreshing, natural, pure and light, Zoodo represents original purity.

NABA distribution offers a selection of finely chosen food products to satisfy the most demanding taste buds. Between our aromatic seasonings, our magic broths, and our captivating sauces, NABA distribution offers a wide variety of choices.

Kabisa Energy Drink is the first truly African energy drink.
Its unique composition which makes it stand out from all other non-alcoholic drinks in Burkina Faso.

It’s refreshing, mild and slightly sparkling taste provides an exceptional and colorful experience! KABISA is effective against lack of energy and fatigue, and provides a feeling of well-being.