The Company

The Company

“MEGAMONDE has become over the course of the years a main pillar in the economy and automotive industry in Burkina Faso”

MEGAMONDE, is a group of industrial and commercial companies founded in 1998 by M. Nasser Basma, with its primary target being the production and sale of motorbikes. Precursor in the production and distribution of motorbikes of all kinds in the Burkinabe Market, MEGAMONDE managed to break the consumers’ habits by offering new innovative products with an advantageous value for money.

Furthermore, MEGAMONDE has been since 2013, the official distributor of the Asian brand ‘RATO’ in BURKINA FASO and the Sub-Saharan West African Countries. 

MEGAMONDE offers after sales services in prime locations (with qualified teams and original spare parts) in three different garages open for this sole purpose. 
In order to provide a more efficient after sales service, the company has also introduced a lubricant brand (GULF) adapted for various climates and different types of motors. 

One cannot mention MEGAMONDE without bringing up its motorcycle factory (created in 2011) commercialized with a full time functioning assembly unit located in the industrial zone of Kossodo in Ouagadougou with its own welding and painting shop. 

Globalization and new emerging markets have allowed the company to move towards diverse work opportunities such as brokerage, and sub-contracting of various public-private partnerships, which resulted in the deep interest of multinational companies. 

In addition to its adaptation and anticipation capacities, MEGAMONDE managed to become synonymous with expertise and professionalism which allowed it to target to the growing needs and demands of both the public and private sectors. It is in this light, that the company realized various construction works, interconnecting networks, location and sale of vehicles, helicopter locations as well as numerous supplies for the private sectors, etc. 

Within its politics of expansion and investing in diverse activities, one of MEGAMONDE’s latest projects consisted in the creation of MEGAMONDE Print, a sub-branch of the MEGAMONDE Group which specializes in printing. MEGAMONDE distribution was also established for the sale and distribution of innovative F&B items (food and beverage). 

Very early on, the company understood the need to invest in human capital, which is why it employs around 500 permanent workers hired based on their competences and spread in different strategic locations on the Burkinabe territory. 

Its senior staff and managers have significant work experience as well as a profound business knowledge which dates from 1998, with a perfect knowledge of not only the Burkinabe market, but also the regional one.

The commercial success of MEGAMONDE is due to the choice of its products and quality as well as performance of said products. 
The particular care offered to its communication (pertinence/intensity/support), its great competitive value as well as the innovative financial systems adopted helped MEGAMONDE achieve its rank as one of the first firms in the country cited on Wikipedia.*

Our Mission

To excel in our different services in order to satisfy our partners and clients and remain a model company not only in Burkina Faso but also across the region.

Our Vision

Fulfill our vision by professionally offering our partners and consumers, the best adapted products and services in an unbeatable quality/ price ratio. 

Timeline of our activities


Beginning of sales of ‘two wheeled’ vehicles from different brands (YAMAHA, SUZUKI), within the ETABLISSEMENTS BASMA ET FRERES. Collaborations had already begun with foreign suppliers from Africa, Europe and Asia. 


Starting 1998, the business structure became more coherent with the creation of a company: MEGAMONDE which has seen a diverse activity flow and integrated the sales of electrical household appliances, air conditioners, telephones, cars, generators, agricultural equipment and farm machinery, engine lubricants and many more.


The strong popularity of MEGAMONDE's products among its customers and the development of the partnership with Chinese suppliers has helped create the ‘two-wheel success’ of its activities with the importation and sales of new Chinese motorbikes on one hand, but also the installation of an industrial unit in 2002 with a production capacity of 35 000 pieces/year on the other. 


Highlights the expansion towards new work opportunities with fresh ambitions such as the development of brokerage and consultancy with foreign business partners in light of innovative projects on the national scale. MEGAMONDE was a main contributor and subcontractor in the the realization of Public-Private Partnerships such as the renewal of transport related forms such as driving licenses and car registration documents or even the production of secure identification documents such as Passports and Visas to name a few. The MEGAMONDE group has also secured many future projects such as construction, energy, and diverse investments. 

These diverse actions are targeted to answer to the growing demand of the market and notably contribute to the economic boom of the country with the creation of many job opportunities and various contributions. 


MEGAMONDE Motors BENIN opened its doors conforming to the expansion promise it has made to the company in the Sub-Saharan West African Region.


Was the year for MEGAMONDE Ivory Coast to settle with the opening of two new offices, one in Bouaké and the other in Abidjan.


MEGAMONDE Print operates in the Burkinabè capital. It consists of a printing press made in the most cutting-edge technology capable of realizing impressions of quality on every type and every support format. 

2020 is also the year which marks the new distribution agenda of MEGAMONDE, the company has introduced its own brand of food seasoning (NABA) and became the sole distributor of the energy drink KABISA in Burkina. 

The diverse interests and actions identified are targeted to answer to the growing demand of the market and notably contribute to the economic boom of the country with the creation of many job opportunities, economic and customs related contributions.


Our Experience


  • Unprecedented knowledge of the market and territory
  • Team Experience
  • Specialized divisions in different departments
  • Care and Development of Human Relations
  • Strong Company Culture and Customer Relations
  • Excellent Reputation
  • A national implantation due to our strong network and certified distributors
  • Excellent relations maintained between suppliers and financial and commercial partners
  • Perpetual quest for work opportunities
  • Exceptional Contacts
  • Permanent and Strong competitive thirst
  • Highlighted potential real perspectives not yet exploited by the competition


  • Our commercial and technical teams are specialized in client relations and have as a leitmotiv: the client’s satisfaction comes first.
  • Composed of young and dynamic workers, our teams are quick-to act, and always available to listen to the clients.
  • The teams MEGAMONDE are known for their intense professionalism, they motivate, support and implicate the different partners in the various stages from supplying, to delivering and after sale services.
  • Recruited among the best, the MEGAMONDE workers are regularly informed on our products in order to give out the most accurate and correct information to the clients. 
  • We always tend an ear to our client’s needs through our regular surveys so that we can adapt to their growing tastes and needs. 

A Socially Responsible Company

Beyond its industrial and commercial vocation, MEGAMONDE has always supported the Burkinabe Government, and given back to the country by helping out associations and donating to different organizations which aim to improve the living conditions of the citizens in general and the vulnerable in particular. 

As a corporate citizen, MEGAMONDE has donated more than one-hundred millions FCFA every year and contributed in the creation of a strong community by: 

• Donating vehicles to disabled persons.
• Donating school supplies for children in need.
• Reinforcing the means of security agents and health personnel. 
• Numerous donations and sponsorships.
• Through our project ‘MEGA-GREEN’, MEGAMONDE has vowed to plant a tree for each product sold (one motorcycle sold = one tree planted) done in collaboration with the Minister of the Environment for diverse reforestation campaigns throughout the country. 
• Donations in various supplies to deprived families and displaced populations due to instabilities. 
• Wave of solidarity projects and donations to the center against the COVID-19 Pandemic in Burkina Faso. 

• Indeed, a check for 10 million FCFA was given to the concerned authorities for the care of people affected by COVID-19. Medical equipment was distributed and awareness campaigns were carried out for several weeks to inform the general public about barrier gestures. Protective masks and hand gels were distributed in different locations in Ouagadougou.

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